Our Story



Our Story

Apes and Capes is an established men's barber in the heart of Walkerville. We look to enjoy the simple things in life: a fresh cut, a hot shave and most importantly, a laugh with the boys. Our barbers have come from all walks of life, with barbering experience in some of Adelaide's best known establishments. So don't wait around, come and check the place out - we accept both bookings and walk-ins.

Mr. Ali provides a service like no other. Apes & Capes is within the top 3 places I would want to be at, after a long days hard work. From his contagious smile to the way he gently tilts your head, Mr. Ali’s focus, passion and work ethic is one to behold.

Additionally, his iconic skin-fade is not to be taken lightly. If you are brave enough venture in and choose this service, be prepared to exit a new man. Cheers Mr. Ali for the consistent fresh fades and heartfelt conversations. If anyone is looking for a new barber, there is no more clear-“cut” choice than Apes & Capes.
— Andy Vo - Facebook


Life isn't perfect, but your hair can be.